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Meet-up location: Corner of 4th Avenue & L Street (@ Snowy City Cafe)    map & directions
Telephone: 907-27G-HOST
What to expect: Join your kindly Ghost Tour Guide, Rick, as he takes you on a walk in which "the dead bring history alive!" Not intended for young children or the easily frightened, this tour happens during the warmer months, beginning in May, and costs $15.00 per person.

Location: 570 E Benson Blvd., Suite 20     map & directions
Telephone: 907-248-5665
What to expect: "Serving Anchorage over the years and making your shopping experience fun is how The Look has built a long-standing trust with our customers as a reputable and safe environment to buy lingerie and adult products. We can fit you in a steel-boned corset or help you find your new favorite sexy toy with our deep and unparalleled knowledge. The Look will fit anyone, whether your needs are plus-size lingerie, men’s boxers and briefs, or something a little more exotic. Come to the place where your comfort and satisfaction is a priority."

Location: 17600 Chena Hot Springs Road      map & directions
What to expect: You might not tell from the outside, but what's inside of this odd building is a wonder filled museum with sculptures completely made out of ice! It even has its own bar made of ice were you can sip on drinks while sitting on stools made out of...what else...ICE! The museum also has small ice sculpting classes. Be sure to visit the area's website for details about costs and tour schedules.


Location: Mile .3 Crow Creek Road     map & directions
What to expect: It's a New Orleans restaurant in Alaska!!! Need we say more???

Location: 17514 W. Parks Highway, Wasilla       map & directions
What to expect: "There was a Wytch who had gifts of healing and vision. This Wytch dreamed of helping and sharing her wisdom with others, so she made her long journey to Alaska. After a little time here she got her wish and opened a special little shoppe called Wytchwood. Where she met some amazing people and was gifted with a very special tribe that she now calls family. And she has so many customers that she call friends. She then had this Frog that stopped to share his herb with her. They became friends and when she grabbed his butt, he turned into a striking viking that lives with her today in their new castle next to the river, far , far away from the tower she was held prisoner in. And she will live happily ever after in her new castle helping all the local town folk feel better and prosper in friendship and knowledge. And today the shoppe dwells in Houston, AK."
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