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  FACTORY MONDAYS Necto                
          GOTH / INDUSTRIAL / SYNTHPOP NIGHTCLUB EVENT             [location map & directions]
          9pm - 2am  //  18+  //  $5.00  //  proper scene attire expected

    FRIDAY, JULY 29th

  GOTH NIGHT Leland City Club           
          MONTHLY GOTH / INDUSTRIAL / EBM / SYNTHPOP NIGHTCLUB EVENT             [location map & directions]
          9pm - 3am  //  18+  //  $5.00 (21+) - $10.00 (under 21)  //  proper scene attire expected

Location: 13751 Main Street      map & directions

What to expect: Just north of Lansing is the site of America's deadliest school massacre that happened in May of1927. The story starts with a farmer and school board treasurer named Andrew Kehoe that was having a crappy time at life and then went bat-shit crazy on the town's school buy stockpiling explosives under the school and his house. He then proceeded to blow himself, and anyone near the area, up into bits!!! In total 58 souls perished that day...including 38 children. This peaceful memorial park is now dedicated to the victims.

For the complete story, click here to read it at smithsonianmag.com.

Location: 57215 N Farrand Road      map & directions

What to expect: "Over the years magicians have fallen in love with this village and several of them worked and lived here. Twenty-eight magicians have made the Colon Lakeside Cemetery their final resting place – more than any other grave yard in the world."

Location: The entire town!!!      map & directions

What to expect: Located about 20 miles Northwest of Ann Arbor you will find a curious little town with an even more curios name! HELL was named such back in 1841 and its citizens sure have fun with it. You can actually be the Mayor of Hell for the day, or even for just one hour if you prefer (reservations required). Moreover, there are many more "tongue-in-cheek" places in town to explore! (see listings below)

Location: 225 Parsons Street      map & directions

What to expect: The Gibson guitar factory was started in in 1902 by Orville Gibson as a mandolin producing factory, but by the end of the first World War Jazz was the rising style of music and mandolin making was not so lucrative anymore. Orville Gibson decided to switch to guitar manufacturing insead, but by this time, World War II broke out and Gibson saw its workforce sent to the battlegrounds overseas, and like many other instrument companies, the Gibson factory switched to making to munition to support the war effort. Since the men were off to war, Gibson hired a force of women to produce the bullets, they were known as the "Kalamazoo Gals"...but they were also secretly manufacturing guitars as well! In 1985, the Gibson factory left Kalamazoo for Nashville, Tennessee, and the old factory is now home to Heritage Guitar, Inc.. They offer free but very limited tours on Wednesdays & Fridays, reservations at their website is required.

Location: 292 Cass Avenue      map & directions

What to expect: "The Anatomy of Death Museum features over 30 real human medical skulls and skeletons on display among many antique funeral and death related items.Come experience something like you've never experienced before here at the Anatomy of Death Museum."



Location: 901 W. Lafayette Blvd.      map & directions

What to expect: Touting on having over one million books in its massive collection, it's no wonder that you are given a map of the store once you enter! Spread over four floors, every inch is filled with the most obscure titles and antique books. True Bibliophiliacs could totally lose themselves for days in this place!!!
(Also, check out their North Detroit annex store)

Location: 4045 Patterson Lake Road      map & directions

What to expect: "Screams is a hilarious store with T-shirts/apparel, mugs/glassware, and many more souvenirs from Hell, plus Halloween items all year long. At our Official Post Office, we stamp "Been Thru Hell" and singe every piece of mail. Buy your own square inch of Hell or be Mayor for the Day (reservations required). Outside the shop is plenty to do for any Hellion. Hell is the gateway to your "Down North" experience."

Location: 124 W. 4th Street       map & directions
Telephone: 248-541-3979
What to expect: "Specializing in alternative men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, leather gear, lingerie, sexy toys, BDSM items, hosiery, wigs & so much more!! Opened in 1983, Noir Leather is not your typical “mall type shop”. We provide outstanding service in a comfortable & relaxed environment. Come see for yourself why Noir Leather is so well known and highly regarded in the alternative lifestyle community. Our 1600 square foot shop is loaded with hard to find items for you or that sexy someone. Our knowledgeable staff can help you put together a killer outfit from head to toe!!"

Location: 4045 Patterson Lake Road      map & directions

What to expect: "Come enjoy delicious Hershey's ice cream served with fresh made waffle cones! If you devour the Gravedigger Sundae, we assume no responsibility for your demise, but we will sign, seal, and singe your Death Certificate!"

Location: 4025 Patterson Lake Road      map & directions

What to expect: "Come enjoy delicious homemade food including pizza, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more. Plus, their fresh pasties are to die for! Take a couple home, though calories do burn faster in Hell!"

Location: 4095 Patterson Lake Road      map & directions

What to expect: "The Hell Saloon in Hell, Michigan, was opened in 2016 by Judi DeKroub. She decided to continue presenting amazing food and evening entertainment to the area after the success of her first restaurant, La Vita Bistro, in nearby Pinckney. Together with Executive Chef, Eirik Kauserud, they bring globally influenced cuisine to a funky and fun environment and are willing to bet that their menu will be the best in Hell’s half acre. You’re invited to stay all day and party all night at the Hell Saloon. Bring a friend, let your hair down, and don’t forget to take home a souvenir."

Location: 932 Military Street      map & directions

What to expect: "When you come to The Raven, you’ll immediately notice something different; a feeling you can’t quite put your finger on. Part Hogwarts and part Cheers, the Raven is a unique place. When you step through the doors, you’ll get the distinct feeling you’re walking into a story. The walls are decorated with beautiful woodwork and packed with books, posters, and artwork of all varieties. Whatever time of day you visit, you’ll find an energetic atmosphere filled with the aroma of just-brewed coffee and, if you’re lucky, the smell of freshly-baked cookies or brownies."


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